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Bangor office: 992-4001

Ellsworth office: 992-4002

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive athletic performance enhancement and fitness experience to community members independent of skill level, level of experience, or economic status. We strive to meet the individual where they are and push them to achieve their personal goals.  Our staff is trained in assessing the individual for mobility and stability deficits that may be impeding an athlete's progress. Between our personal training sessions, strength and conditioning, sport-specific training and physical therapy, UBE provides the athlete with full-service training options. 

Our commitment to community involvement extends to our services provided for various high schools throughout the state that may not have the budget for athletic trainers or strength and conditioning coaches. We have fully stocked trailers full of workout gear and gym equipment that we tow to schools via our 'mobile units' in order to reach more student athletes. 


Our programming for group training classes is intentionally stratified from beginner to advanced based on technique and experience which allows us to meet the needs of all of our clients. Structuring training classes in this way allows individuals to gradually increase both movement complexity and exercise intensity to optimize client results. 

UBE Performance and wellness strives to incorporate a well-rounded athletic experience for our clients from injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength conditioning and training, individualized fitness, and nutrition consultations. 


At UBE Physical Therapy and Performance, we emphasize movement quality over quantity. We care about how well you move, and how much you can do... in that order. Piling on more weight onto poor form is not going to improve your squat, and it certainly won't improve your performance. For that reason each group workout is designed by a trainer and supervised by one or more trainers. This allows clients to perform optimal movements for maximum benefit and prevent injury. 


All that being said, we foster a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and although we are serious about our workouts, we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

Our Philosophy

UBE Physical Therapy and Performance focuses on working with youth sports teams and athletes with the mission aimed at preventing injuries. We perform athletic screenings on each individual, assessing the athlete‚Äôs quality of movement, followed by specifically programmed strength and conditioning, with strengthening designed to improve strength and stability with high risk movements.

About Us

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