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Bangor office: 992-4001

Ellsworth office: 992-4002

The aspect of UBE that we take the most pride in is our community outreach to local high school athletic programs that don’t have the luxury of having strength and conditioning coaches or even an athletic trainer. Our program is made possible by local business that help sponsor this program, thereby allowing UBE to reach hundreds of high school athletes, working on improving their performance and most importantly… preventing injury.

We are equipped with trailers that are fully stocked with workout gear and equipment that are then towed to the school, which we call our ‘mobile units’. This allows us to work with any interested high school in the area, independent of what they have available to them.

Contact us at to inquire about setting up your team with our mobile strength and conditioning program

Mobile Units

On-Site Strength and Conditioning for

High School Athletics

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