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Personal Training

Everyone is different, and a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations. We are here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

Our Personal Trainers have extensive and comprehensive training in order to provide you with specific and targeted exercise programming designed to address your personal goals and help break you of your current workout rut. 


Personal Training at UBE Physical Therapy and Performance is optimal for those individual who prefer a one-on-one coaching experience. Our trainers are available early morning and into the evening, thereby providing our clients with access to the facility independent of their schedule. Prefer to work out with a buddy? UBE offers group personal training as well. While each individual in the group has their own personal goals in mind, our personal trainers are skilled at individualizing workouts even within group sessions in order to provide all clients with the specificity and intensity that they require to make gains and meet their goals. Group workouts are beneficial for those who get more out of their workout by competing, or those that prefer the social aspect of working in a group. 


At UBE we utilize a system to track your performance both in the gym and at home and can be accessed via an app on your phone or by visiting a website. Of the many reasons that people decide to seek out a personal trainer, the most common reason is to lose weight and to get into shape. Our personal trainers will keep you on track, motivated and focused to assist you in your goal of decreasing body fat and building muscle. You will be encouraged to log into the system to track your data, keeping you accountable for your in gym workouts and any workout the personal trainer may subscribe for you for an independent home workout included in your package. If you have any specific medical conditions or health concerns, make sure that you talk with your trainer so that they can work directly with your doctor or your physical therapist in order to program workouts that are safe for you to perform but still effective.


If you are hesitant to work out for any reason, a personal trainer is a great option to get you started on a safe program, designed to build upon your foundation, introducing you to appropriate and efficient movement patterns and then building strength and endurance onto your now solid foundation giving you the power and the confidence to succeed. Your trainer will introduce you to new exercise routines and modify any exercise or program as needed to avoid injury.


Now it's time to break you out of your rut and motivate you to start making those gains! The benefits of working with our personal trainers include:‚Äč  

Personal Training Pricing: (member/nonmember)

$60/70 per session

$50/60 per session for 12 sessions

$45/55 per session for 16 sessions

Contact us today to schedule your introductory session and start you on your path to self improvement! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

  • Individualized programming

  • Free tracking of your workouts and progress accessible from anywhere

  • An initial screening at your first session involving baseline measurements to assess progress at various points throughout your program

  • Programming for independent home workouts between personal training sessions

  • Increased accountability of progress

  • Reduce body fat and lose weight

  • Improve endurance and flexibility

  • Improve balance and mobility

  • Enhance recreational and sport performance

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