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The UBE Physical Therapy and Performance center specializes in injury recovery for athletes of all ages and levels. We utilize evidenced-based interventions consisting of hands-on manual therapy techniques and targeted exercise progressions to improve joint and muscle function, thereby allowing the athlete to return to play at optimal function. 


At UBE Performance Physical Therapy, you will be directed through a comprehensive program, beginning with post-injury rehab and commencing with a sport-specific phase.  We take a comprehensive full body assessment of each athlete to ensure all mobility or stability limitations are addressed in order to prevent further injury. To avoid recurrence, we focus on fixing and strengthening the foundation that initially led to the injury. Therefore, we believe by taking this approach it will allow you to train better, harder and more efficiently than in your pre-injury workout routines.


In our UBE fitness program, physical therapists collaborate with athletic and personal trainers to transition athletes into a fitness program upon completion of their physical therapy care. Our PT services include: 

Transitional Rehab Program


The Transitional Rehab Program provides assessments and training to athletes who have been discharged from their physical therapy program within the last three months to prepare for their return to sport. Under the supervision of Certified Athletic Trainers, the athlete rebuilds to previous performance levels through balance, strength, flexibility, acceleration/deceleration, jump and endurance training. Ideal for those recovering from knee, ankle, shoulder or elbow injuries. Frequency/number of sessions is customized for each athlete.

Our commitment is to provide targeted, hands-on care to help each athlete meet his or her goals during their treatment and return to optimal performance.  Building on the endurance, flexibility, strength, and power gained from your work with our athletic professionals, you will be able to do more with UBE.



  • Pre-operative strengthening

  • Acute injury rehabilitation 

  • Rehab for chronic pain

  • Post-operative recovery

  • Sport- specific training

  • Jump training and plyometrics

  • Manual therapy to address joint restrictions, increased muscle tone or spinal decompression

  • Dry needling for chronic muscle pain and trigger points‚Äč

Every patient has a choice of where to go for physical therapy. The state of Maine allows direct access to licensed physical therapy providers; no physician referral required. Contact our physical therapy office to schedule a comprehensive evaluation in order to develop your individualized plan of care allowing you to return to sport and activity free of restrictions. At UBE, our therapists work closely with our personal trainers in order to smooth the transition from rehabilitation back to your activity of choice. 

Physical Therapy



"I've been a patient of Cat Kenney for a few months now; and I'm very pleased with the results of her therapy. Prior to seeing Cat, I'd been to two other therapists whose treatments either exacerbated the pain or did nothing to help it. Now, I've gone from being mostly bed bound by sciatic pain to walking over a mile and increasing that distance weekly. I'm also now able to take part in helping around the house and garden. The exercises she gives combined with her hands on approach to physical therapy gives me confidence to continue on, experiencing healing and an increasing sense of well-being. I would highly recommend Cat to anyone seeking a caring, knowledgable and confidence-building physical therapist."

- JC


"After I injured my meniscus this spring, a good friend recommended UBE and Katy Wellman for my physical therapy. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with her and the rest of the staff at UBE. As a very active person, I have been frustrated by the passive nature of most physical therapy I have received after other injuries. Katy provides the perfect balance of expert PT and "personal training" with challenging sessions that have brought my knee back faster than I could have hoped. It has been a completely different experience from other physical therapy I have received in the area. The facility in Ellsworth is also fantastic and I would certainly join the gym if it wasn't so far from me. I cannot recommend Katy and UBE enough for active people who want expert PT and/or knowledgeable training sessions!"



"Cat's great strength is that she listens to her patients. She looks at the whole person instead of a narrow focus on an injury or disease process."

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