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Sport-Specific Training

UBE's staff is well-versed in individualized sport-specific programming designed to enhance athletic abilities. Training may work on endurance, strength, power, agility, flexibility, mobility, mental preparedness, nutrition, and injury prevention. We are here to help you win and to always... DO MORE!!


The best way to become a better athlete is to improve your overall athletecism and gain a competitive edge over your opponent. With UBE Performance we can help you become a quicker stronger, more explosive athlete independent of your skill level. Whether you're a professional player, college athlete, or a freshman player working toward making the varsity team, UBE can help you meet your goals. 


UBE Performance and Wellness offers individualized one-on-one classes with our strength coaches, as well as full team training. You will receive an assessment of your skills, speed, and strength at the start of the training program allowing your coach to target their workout programming to your needs as an individual as well as those skills required of sport-specific enhancement. 



You will receive: 

Sport-Specific Training: 2 sessions per week

Sport-Specific Training



8 wk

$65/session member; $75 nonmember

3-5 athletes $20/athlete; $25/athlete nonmember

6-8 athletes $15/athlete; $20/athlete nonmember

9+ athletes $10/athlete; $15/athlete nonmember

12 wk

$60/session member; $70 nonmember

3-5 athletes $18/athlete; $20/athlete nonmember

6-8 athletes $13/athlete; $15/athlete nonmember

9+ athletes $8/athlete; $10/athlete nonmember

16 wk

$55/session member; $65 nonmember

3-5 athletes $16/athlete; $18/athlete nonmember

6-8 athletes $11/athlete; $13/athlete nonmember

9+ athletes $6/athlete; $8/athlete nonmember

Contact UBE for pricing on full team strength and conditioning or sport specific training. Pricing may be based upon in-season/off-season training. 

  • Full supervision at all times from our qualified strength coaches

  • Programming individually designed for you. UBE recognizes that all athletes have different requirements. We excel at customizing programs specific to your needs as an individual and the needs of your sport. 

  • Flexible scheduling. We know it's hard to navigate around work, school and life... we're here to make things easier allowing you to choose the times that work best for you.

  • A motivational atmosphere that pushes you to be your best every time through the door

  • Specialized bars and equipment   

  • Small class sizes to ensure proper supervision allowing for more personalized training.  

  • Tracking of workouts and progress through our online system that you can access from anywhere

  • Programming for independent home workouts in addition to one-on-one gym workouts with your strength coach


"There are multiple benefits to working with UBE. The dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm Will, Ursula, and Cat have for helping our athletes improve is incredible. Their sport-specific knowledge has had a great impact on our training with our athletes. This spring we had two athletes who barely saw any minutes last season and with the help of UBE, these two athletes have excelled and have become top contenders for starting positions next season. All of our athletes have improved in one aspect or another. Their strength and speed has increased and they step on the field with a great sense of confidence in themselves. I would highly recommend UBE to other coaches, especially if they are looking at taking their programs to the next level. It's been a privilege working with the professionals at UBE and the athletes have gained a lot of exposure to new things because of this program."


Amanda Cummings

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Husson University

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