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Our strength and conditioning philosophy is DO MORE!! Each day you are working toward improving upon the base that you set for yourself the previous day. The strength and conditioning program prepared for our athletes is based on three simple principles: injury prevention, performance enhancement and nutrition.


Injury Prevention:

At UBE, we focus on muscle and joint stability through specific sport motions and stresses by utilizing varying techniques such as a combination of the conjugate method and cube method of training designed to maximize effort and avoid overtraining the central nervous system. Our focus is on enhanced quickness, explosiveness, power and pure strength. 


Common injuries among athletes consist of tendonitis, tears and sprains involving the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles most often due to: 

Performance Enhancement: 

Through the strengthening and conditioning program, the athletes will be put to the test, challenging and improving their explosive power, work capacity, recoverability and functional strength, building stability in the three planes of motion via multi-joint movements. A single example of the performance enhancement portion of the program may include, but is not limited to:‚Äč

  • Weakness in the posterior chain, most commonly in the hamstring and glutes. 
  • Poor symmetrical muscular development
  • Lack of mobility in shoulders, thoracic and lumbar spine, hips, and ankles. 
  • Limited stability with functional movements, particularly into a deep squat and asymmetrical positions. 
  • Lower body: Squat (testing 1RM, 3RM, 5RM and building strength and structuring programs based on your lifting percentages year round), clean pulls, RDLs, glute ham raises, front squats and lunges.
  • Upper body: Bench (testing 1RM, 3RM, 5RM  and building off of percentages year round), strict pull up max reps, weighted pull ups, dips, chin ups, rows, shoulder work- front and rear deltoids, YTWs, banded pull apart and face pulls.
  • Total body strength: Power cleans and power snatch
  • Core/Posterior Chain: Emphasizing hip and core strength through deadlifts, KB-swings, ball slams, sit ups, reverse ball throws, balance, single leg hops, superman, v-ups.
  • Sprint Speed: 15sec -90sec outputs of 20-40 yard sprints, 4 cone drills, sled pushes and pulls, foot speed drills, defensive position forward, backward and laterally with short recovery periods.
  • Strengthening Thresholds- Building crucial anaerobic fitness, sprint and quicker recovery times as well as improving lactate thresholds, by including aerobic and anaerobic training   
  • Vertical and Horizontal Power: Vertical jump and broad jump max distances will be tested and retested. Bounding and resistant training, laterally and linear, as well as sand and hill work will maximize outputs and build power.
  • Total Flexibility: working closely with our PT coaches before and after workouts to obtain better mobility. Each conditioning session will consist of an appropriate warm up and cool down.

Players will be part of an individual and team tracking application allowing them to monitor their specific goals, heart rates, lifting weight percentages, baselines and gains. Individuals will be supplied with a heart monitor to help make sure they are getting the most out of their training and they are required to update the team tracking app daily. Analytical data will then be utilized to drive performance moving forward.




Contact UBE for pricing on full team strength and conditioning or sport specific training. Pricing may be based upon in season/off season training. 




Every workout, every practice, every game DO MORE than the day or time before.

Strength and Conditioning

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